Robert McCain on the Destruction of American Society

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m damn near schizophrenic when it comes to the state of the traditional Christian morals and values that this country was founded on. So, I’m always on the lookout for signs that things are turning around and society is improving (e.g., returning to it’s more conservative roots). All sarcasm aside, I am usually so disgusted just at having to see the current state of our society that I can hardly stand to post an article about the state of affairs of our values. However, I occasionally see something that really blows my mind.

Today’s cultural forecast: Raging epidemics of abuse, perversion, disease and addiction, with a 40% chance of widely scattered fire and brimstone.

Even as a hormonally charged teen, I thought that Malibu Barbie was teaching young women how to be a gold digger or a tramp. Then, several years ago I was wandering around Toys-R-Us and saw the kind of toys that were “popular”, or at least what companies wanted to be popular for 8-12 year-old girls. Bratz dolls were what I thought were over the line at the time. Robert Stacy McCain’s “The Other McCain” blog featured an article today on what McCain calls the Cultural Apocalypse Watch, detailing how far we’re sinking beneath the level that Bratz dolls took us. Aside from the dolls that teach 6 year-olds how to breast feed, it appears now that we’re setting up a generation of girls for the “I was young and needed the money” excuse.

This is just.plain.wrong. The original Gizmodo article says:

It rotates. It has blinking lights, a disco ball, and a pole. And it’s probably one of the wrongest toys you can give to any girl. Because, unlike the USB Pole Dancer, this one is actually for kids

This is a nightmare. While the mere existence of this toy does not directly mean that young girls in this country are being taught to be tramps, but then again, Robert McCain also points out the Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus’ sisters’ pre-teen pole-dancing escapades. We’re doomed…


~ by tom on August 31, 2009.

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