I remember 9/11

Today, September 11th, 2009. I mark 8 years since my own journey following the most horrific act of terrorist hate ever directed at our country. Along with the country, I take the time to remember all that has transpired, and more importantly, all that we’ve forgotten. Specifically, the threat posed by radical Islam. Our nation of American Idol-inspired voters and brainwashed youth live in denial about the threat posed by the ummah. A rapid re-education of America is in order. A good primer would be Straley Thorpe’s article I Remember, posted today on American Thinker. Thorpe says of the Islamic fundamentalists:

These men believe in global jihad and the establishment of a worldwide caliphate under sharia law.  In this evil vision, we are all of us slaves.  According to the tenets of their beliefs, we have but three options.  We must convert to Islam, or we must accept second-class citizenship, pay a tax for the privilege, and submit to their rule and their law.  Or we must die.  There are no other alternatives.

Thorpe is right on. While many Muslims either deny or truly are ignorant of the long-term goals of the hijra or the aim to establish a global caliphate, their dogma aims to destroy the values that this country and our way of life were founded on. We can not, we MUST not let that happen.

How quickly we forget

How quickly we forget

We will never forget. Not while the true patriots of this country are willing to fight to protect our cherished traditions, and continue to let the atrocities of 9/11 harden our resolve.

From Thorpe again:

We must never forget, we must never surrender.  It is the only fitting tribute we can give to those who have sacrificed so much.

Thorpe again hits it out of the park with words I wish I could find.

I do not hate Muslims, or Islam.  I recognize the threat that blind obedience to an ancient and evil ideology so rife with hatred and intolerance poses to our way of life, and to the hopes for freedom and dignity of all the world’s people. I recognize the hypocrisy and duplicity of those Muslims who give lip service to peace and tolerance before Western audiences, with a wink and a nod to the evildoers in their midst.  I have pity and contempt for the  Muslims who may believe in peace and tolerance, but who cower in silent fear of retribution rather than speak out while their religion is smeared and stained  with the blood of the innocent.  I reserve my respect for Muslims like Abdel Rahman al-Rashed, general manager of al Arabiya, who has risked his life by  calling out the murderous terrorist jihadi for what they are, condemning the apologists and silent assenters, and calling upon his righteous Muslim brothers and sisters to join him.

To sum up my feelings of the day, and the feelings I’ve harbored since I was a young man and a Junior Officer of the Day (JOOD) at the Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut on a sunny September morning back in 2001: Let’s Roll…


~ by tom on September 12, 2009.

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