Get a Butter Knife: More Spreading the Wealth on the Way

From Obama’s speech to the AFL-CIO. Fun stuff…

Brothers and sisters, this isn’t just about Steve; it’s about all of us. Because when hardworking Americans like Steve succeed — that’s when organized labor succeeds. And when organized labor succeeds — that’s when our middle class succeeds. And when our middle class succeeds — that’s when the United States of America succeeds.

For over half a century, the success of America has been built on the success of our middle class. It was the creation of the middle class that lifted this nation up in the wake of a great depression. It was the expansion of the middle class that opened the doors of opportunity to millions more. It was a strong middle class that powered American industries, propelled America’s economy, and made the 20th Century the first American Century.

And the fundamental test of our time is whether we will heed this lesson; whether we will let America become a nation of the very rich and the very poor, of the haves and the have-nots; or whether we will remain true to the promise of this country and build a future where the success of all of us is built on the success of each of us.

Aside from the underlying message that Obama wants to “settle the score” between the haves and the have-nots (like anyone’s surprised), I thought his ass-kissing of Darth Specter was pretty entertaining. No sarcasm here people, move along…

Let me begin by recognizing a man who came to Washington to fight for the working men and women of Pennsylvania and who has a distinguished record doing just that, Arlen Specter.

That’s right folks, Arlen Specter is all about the little people. Remember this? And, as a proud descendant of Polish immigrants, this Specter moment grinds my gears. The Unicorn Princess in Chief also heaped praise on AFL-CIO President John Sweeney.

I also want to give my thanks, and the thanks of our nation, to one of the great labor leaders of our time, a man whose entire life has been devoted to working people, who brought new life to a movement, who worked tirelessly on behalf of organized labor, and who will be stepping down tomorrow, your President John Sweeney.

Personally, I think the AFL-CIO to be a thuggish organization, so Mr. Prezident can keep my thanks. I wonder what Sweeney may have done to get such adoring praise from Dear Leader…Hmmm…Could it be his socialist ties? That’s right, Mr. Sweeney is a “prominent member” of the Democratic Socialists of America! I wonder if there’s anything else that gives Obama such a hard-on for this guy…

AFL-CIO President John Sweeney

AFL-CIO President John Sweeney

Think they’re chums?

Obama also praised Richard Trumka, Sweeney’s likely successor. I’m sure it’s only a minor coincidence that Trumka is a staunch supporter of a “public option” in health care (not to say the rest of the AFL-CIO isn’t).

Let’s not forget Obama’s statement following his tale of Steve Skvara at the top of this post:

That’s the future I want to build. That’s the future the AFL-CIO wants to build. That’s the future the American people want to build. And that’s the future we’ve been working to build from the moment I took office.

No, Mr. President, that’s not the future the American people want to build. You Lie! Another whopper:

Because of the Recovery Act, we’re keeping a campaign promise I made by giving 95% of working Americans a tax cut — a tax cut that will benefit nearly 5 million families in Pennsylvania.

Tax cuts? What tax cuts?

All in all, many middle class families will see their incomes go up by about $3,000 because of the Recovery Act, helping them get back much of what they may have lost due to this recession.

Ummm…the middle class families that have suffered a total or significant loss of income due to the epic FAIL of the economic “recovery” projects and vast government spending projects of Obama’s administration dictatorship will not “get back much of what they may hove lost” with a $3,000 stimulus boost. What kind of math wizard keeps coming up with these numbers? Abracadabra! And, of course, what would a good BS session be without somehow relating job creation with health care reform? –Poof!–

And we’ll grow our middle class by finally providing quality, affordable health insurance in this country. Few have fought for this cause harder, and few have championed it longer than you, our brothers and sisters in organized labor.

Is it just me, or are unions always “brothers and sisters” to the One? Blood’s thicker than water I guess… Lastly, one more little gem:

And insurance companies will be required to cover, at no extra charge, routine checkups and preventive care, like mammograms and colonoscopies — because there’s no reason we shouldn’t be catching diseases like breast cancer or colon cancer before they get worse. That makes sense, it saves money, it saves lives.

That’s right…offering “free”, no extra charge services will save money. Ala-kazam!

No anti-health care reform “teabaggers” were harmed by union thugs in the posting of this article.

H/T: Shawarma Mayor @ WeaselZippers.

Update: Michelle is also following Obama’s reach-around to the AFL-CIO.


~ by tom on September 15, 2009.

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